[vdr] Accidental No Signal after channel switch

Maarten Wisse Maarten.Wisse at urz.uni-hd.de
Tue Nov 15 10:10:52 CET 2005

> Well, I started my EPIA project with a SkyStar2 Rev. 2.6c about a year
> ago and replaced the card after 3 months by a NOVA-S for the same
> reason. About a year ago the driver had the problem that for any reason
> it didn't get any interrupts anymore and therefore no data for live TV.
> Reloading the drivers fixed the issue but was anoying.
As I said in my reply to Tony, I do not need to reload my drivers. After 
reloading vdr, everything works ok. So it seems more of the EPG timeout 
problem you mentioned in your other post.
> IIRC, the driver was under havy development (rewrite?) over the year,
> but it seems that the version in 2.6.13 still has problems. Try multiple
> 	cat /proc/interrupts
> to see, whether the device generates any interrupts when it has reached
> the NO SIGNAL state.
I'll do that.
> Another idea: could it be a temperature issue which lets the device
> freeze at some point so that only a reset (= reloading of drivers) can
> force it back to life?
No, I don't need to reload, and as far as I know, temperature is very low 
inside the case. I've tried it on the back of the card, but I've never felt 
high temperature there.



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