[vdr] Re: [patch] load i18n versions of commands/reccmds.conf

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Tue Nov 15 13:08:35 CET 2005

rollercoaster at reel-multimedia.com wrote:
> Am Montag, 14. November 2005 19:34 schrieb Lucian Muresan:
>>rollercoaster at reel-multimedia.com wrote:
>>>What concerns me more, is how to let the translators do the translation
>>>of vdr and all these plugins (currently 25 in our distribution). It will
>>>be quite unhandy to send them 26 file to be translated and syncing them
>>>after translation, so i already think of merging them for easier
>>>handling. But after that it will be harder to care for updates...
>>I can believe you that this is hard to maintain for a distributor. But
>>hey, I just hacked something which makes it possible, now you want all
>>your work done, too ;-). 
> No, i don't want anyone to do it this for us, I was just thinking loud.
> This has to be done at sooner or later, so if it's not there *we* will do it. 
> So i was asking if anyone has ideas or suggestions:
>>>Seems like it's time for some concept. If anyone has got ideas...
>>>btw: I also like the concept like in kde (i.e.) of having installable
>>>language files.
> maybe it was unwise to do this question in this thread (as it does not concern 
> your patch directly). But why not discuss this issue here on this list 
> *before* starting work?
> regards,
> Thiemo

Just for the record: I'm not going to implement language files in
version 1.4, but maybe will do so in version 1.5.x.


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