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Iwan Davies iwan.davies at translutions.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 09:45:04 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 02:19:30 +0100, in gmane.linux.vdr you wrote:

> Thiemo Gehrke wrote:
>> But on the other hand I do not see the need of having different namespaces 
>> (domains) for every plugin. 
> To avoid collisions. A string may be differently translated in different
> contexts. Within one plugin, this can be avoided. But with different
> plugins, its surely fun to watch two plugin writers arguing about the
> 'right' translation. ;)
You could still get collisions within a single plugin, unless you use
unique string IDs (assuming this is how gettext works?). If the plugin i18n
rules specify that the string ID has to contain the name of the plugin
(e.g. FEMON_MENU_SETUP_BGROUND_TRANSP = "Background transparency") then
inter-plugin string ID collisions can be avoided completely. 

Sharing strings even within a plugin is /a bad idea/ - you never know where
the string might be reused next time, and the translator may need to
inflect, conjugate or decline the term differently in each context. If
you're worried translators having to translate the same term twice, how
about persuading translators to use translation memory (such as OmegaT, see
http://www.omegat.org/ - doesn't handle PO natively, but can AIUI a filter
is available). This gives the translator the freedom to decide whether to
translate the string in the same way twice or whether to change his
translation on the basis of the context.

When it comes to preloading language support and that delaying VDR's
start-up times, how about allowing the user to select which languages he
wants to compile in? A compile flag UILANGS=/path/to/list_of_ui_langs would
mean that each user could, if they wanted to, define their own list of
languages to compile in. For example, I only speak English, German and
French, so my list_of_ui_langs would contain:

Given most reseller versions are for specific markets (with tailored
channels.conf, etc.) this would allow resellers to tailor their packages


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