[vdr] Re: i18n done with gettext

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 17 10:04:17 CET 2005

Iwan Davies wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 02:19:30 +0100, in gmane.linux.vdr you wrote:
>>Thiemo Gehrke wrote:
>>>But on the other hand I do not see the need of having different namespaces 
>>>(domains) for every plugin. 
>>To avoid collisions. A string may be differently translated in different
>>contexts. Within one plugin, this can be avoided. But with different
>>plugins, its surely fun to watch two plugin writers arguing about the
>>'right' translation. ;)
> You could still get collisions within a single plugin, unless you use
> unique string IDs (assuming this is how gettext works?). If the plugin i18n
> rules specify that the string ID has to contain the name of the plugin
> (e.g. FEMON_MENU_SETUP_BGROUND_TRANSP = "Background transparency") then
> inter-plugin string ID collisions can be avoided completely. 
> Sharing strings even within a plugin is /a bad idea/ - you never know where
> the string might be reused next time, and the translator may need to
> inflect, conjugate or decline the term differently in each context. If
> you're worried translators having to translate the same term twice, how
> about persuading translators to use translation memory (such as OmegaT, see
> http://www.omegat.org/ - doesn't handle PO natively, but can AIUI a filter
> is available). This gives the translator the freedom to decide whether to
> translate the string in the same way twice or whether to change his
> translation on the basis of the context.

I also think it's good not to mix the strings, both among vdr main
module / plugins, or languages. I think gettext allows multiple domains
in one file, but I think multiple languages is impossible whithout
degrading the use of gettext just as a storage.

> When it comes to preloading language support and that delaying VDR's
> start-up times, how about allowing the user to select which languages he
> wants to compile in? A compile flag UILANGS=/path/to/list_of_ui_langs would
> mean that each user could, if they wanted to, define their own list of
> languages to compile in. For example, I only speak English, German and
> French, so my list_of_ui_langs would contain:
> en
> de
> fr
> Given most reseller versions are for specific markets (with tailored
> channels.conf, etc.) this would allow resellers to tailor their packages
> too.

Sure, this should be build options.


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