[vdr] Accidental No Signal after channel switch

Maarten Wisse Maarten.Wisse at urz.uni-hd.de
Thu Nov 17 10:05:34 CET 2005

> >>You may also set EPG timeout to 0 to disable automatic EPG scans. You'll
> >>see a similar behaviour if you start an EPG scan manually.
> >
> > How to start a manual epg scan? The epg timeout was 5. I've set it to 8
> > now,
> In VDR's EPG menu press the red button.
I've tried that now, but that yields different results. Indeed, after pressing 
the red button, the NO SIGNAL appears, but pressing channel up or down, the 
signal will appear again. I don't need to restart vdr in this case, which I 
need when the NO SIGNAL screen appears accidentally. So, my problem must 
still be different.

Best regards,


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