[vdr] receiver and SwitchChannel

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Thu Nov 17 11:04:08 CET 2005

I have a questions about switching channels.

Maybe I have 3 devices (D1(Primary), D2 and D3)
And maybe 4 Channels (C1, C2, C3 and C4)

the channels contains VPIDs: (just examples)
C1 : 0x001, 0x002, 0x003, 0x004
C2 : 0x005, 0x006, 0x007, 0x008
C3 : 0x009, 0x010, 0x011, 0x012
C4 : 0x013, 0x014, 0x015, 0x016

I want the primary device(D1) to handle the wishes of the user.
The last device(D3) should to be locked to Channel C3. (always stay 
there, LOCKED)
The D2 can be set to each channel.

If I want to receive VPID 0x004 then my Plugin should test if I can 
receive the VPID over D1 or D3. If not it should tune D2 to the Channel 
and receive the data.
If I want to add an other receiver to receive VPID 0x016, then my Plugin 
also test D1 and D3. if not it should test if D2 can be tuned to C4. In 
this case he cant tune because D2 is tuned to C1 and receive data.


An other view:

1)D1 is tuned to C1(show a program to user)
2)D3 is locked to C4 (and locked)
3)I create a receiver for 0x005, now D2 tune to C2 and the receiver can 
receive the data
4)I create a receiver for 0x006, the test resulted that the receiver can 
be added the D2
5)I create a receiver for 0x010, the test resulted that no device can be 
tuned. An error produced

Can anybody explain me how to create this scenario?


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