[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-image-0.2.4

Andreas Brachold ml05 at deltab.de
Thu Nov 17 16:58:20 CET 2005


here are update of vdr-image plugin, for build again newer ffmpeg(-cvs)

With this release now for compiled are at the least VDR 1.3.28 required.

Changes for release Version 0.2.4
- Deny VDR-EITScanner on active Live Audio
- Add plugin options to specify directory of configuration data
- add FFMDIR to liboutput/Makefile, for build again ffmpeg directory
- fix scripts/magickplugin.sh: better resolution retrieval
- add option for border of underscan
- rotate pictures now in several 90° steps
- add alternative script (scripts/magickplugin.sh) for image converting
with imagemagick
- adjust encoding parameter for new ffmpeg-releases, downwards
- remove linking with dlfcn at runtime of libavcodec.so, now are linked
at compiled time
- and a some more...

Thanks to Tobias Grimm, Tom Günther, and kc_captain-at-vdr-portal to
provide some solutions.

What is it : 
This is a plugin for vdr and allows the display of digital images, like
jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and some more, on the TV screen, using the DVB out
device from vdr. 

netpbm (or now as alternative imagemagick)

Link : 

Homepage : http://vdr-image.berlios.de/
Download : http://download.berlios.de/vdr-image/vdr-image-0.2.4.tar.gz


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