[vdr] a little delete recordings doubt

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Thu Nov 17 16:24:51 CET 2005

Leo Márquez wrote:
> When I delete recordings via osd or vdradmin the time remaining are not
> updated. What time have I to wait to see the free time available updated?
> Can I force this refresh?

VDR just hides the recording, and does the actual deleting later on in
background. Unfortunately, the recording wont be added to free space
until it is deleted.

The actual deleting only happens if VDR is idle (no recordings, no
playback, no menus, no external connections, etc.), or if VDR is in
urgent need of disk space for recording/cutting. (urgent need is less
than 1G or 38min left)

Deleting can be done manually, by deleting folders matching *.del in
/video, though additional care must be taken in case of multi-disk
/video0 /video1 etc. folders.

The first idle delete check will be 6 minutes after VDR start, and then
every 60 minutes. In case that VDR is busy, this will be delayed and
happens just the moment VDR gets idle. (which can be a little annoying
if you just stopped playback)

After one recording actually got deleted, VDR deletes the remaining ones
in 10s steps. Imho there's a little bug that causes this delay to be 0s
if the 60min timeout did not hit an idle moment. (which can be a little
annoying if you just stopped playback *g*)



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