[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] kvdrmon - a KDE vdr monitor applet

Bernd Juraschek vdr at bjusystems.de
Fri Nov 18 02:14:57 CET 2005

Hello list,

running vdr on a monitorless machine, I ever want to know what my vdr
is doing whithout the need to use XXV or df.

Now after a little programming I want to announce the first version of
the kvdrmon KDE kicker applet.

This program monitors some vdr activities. It creates an icon in the
KDE system tray showing some informations about the VDR:

- The current state (playing, recording, idle)
- The time of the next scheduled recording(s) or the time to this
- A tooltip displays the name(s) of the running recording(s)
- A window pops up if a recording has started or finished

You can select sound files for playing on started or finished recordings.

For further informations, download links and installation hints you can
look at http://vdr-statusleds.sourceforge.net/vdr .

Have fun,

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