[vdr] duplicate phrase entries in i18n.c

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 18 17:43:22 CET 2005


I found that each of the following entries occur twice in i18n.c, and as
far as I understood the the code, there is no way that both occurances
will ever get used, only the first one. Most of them are even equally
translated in various languages, some even lack translations, or maybe
they are candidates for different contexts and preceding them with some
string$ (for example "Record" for sure gets drawn on a coloured red
button once and may not fit if too long, but I don't know if there is
another context, haven't lookd at every occurance of tr("Record") in the
source code)?

{ "Summary",
{ "Menu",
{ "Play",
{ "Stop",
{ "Record",

If tey will be (or at least for those of them that will be) reduced to
just one, maybe translators should also tell their opinion on which
translation they prefer (there ara also minor differences with special
characters). I attached a plain text file with them pasted side-by-side,
maybe there will be some feedback for Klaus...

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Theesa are duplicates:

{ "Summary",
{ "Menu",
{ "Play",
{ "Stop",
{ "Record",

This is how they look like, side-by-side

  { "Summary",	   { "Summary",
    "Inhalt",	     "Inhalt",
    "Vsebina",	     "Vsebina",
    "Sommario",	     "Sommario",
    "Inhoud",	     "Inhoud",
    "Resumo",	     "Resumo",
    "Résumé",	     "Résumé",
    "Sammendrag",    "Sammendrag",
    "Yhteenveto",    "Yhteenveto",
    "Zawartosc",     "Zawartosc",
    "Resúmen",	     "Resumen",
    "Ðåñéå÷üìåíï",   "Ðåñéå÷üìåíï",
    "Detalii",	     "Cuprins",
    "Tartalom",	     "Tartalom",
    "Sinopsi",	     "Resum",
    "¾ßØáÐÝØÕ",	     "¾ßØáÐÝØÕ",
    "Sadr¾aj",	     "Sadr¾aj",
    "Kokkuvõte",     "Kokkuvõte",
    "Omtale",	     "Omtale",

  { "Menu",	  { "Menu",
    "Menü",	    "Menü",
    "Meni",	    "Meni",
    "Menù",	    "Menù",
    "Menu",	    "Menu",
    "Menu",	    "Menu",
    "Menu",	    "Menu",
    "Meny",	    "Meny",
    "Valikko",	    "Valikko",
    "Menu",	    "Menu",
    "Menú",	    "Menu",
    "Måíïý",	    "Ìåíïý",
    "Meny",	    "Meny",
    "Meniu",	    "Meniu",
    "Menü",	    "Menü",
    "Menú",	    "Menú",
    "¼ÕÝî",	    "¼ÕÝî",
    "Izbor",	    "Izbor",
    "Menüü",	    "Menüü",
    "Menu",	    "Menu",

  { "Play",	  { "Play",
    "Wiedergabe",   "Wiedergabe",
    "Predvajaj",    "Predvajaj",
    "Riproduci",    "Riproduci",
    "Afspelen",	    "Weergeven",
    "Play",	    "",// TODO
    "Lire",	    "Lecture",
    "Spill av",	    "",// TODO
    "Toista",	    "Toista",
    "Odtwarzac",    "Odtworzenie",
    "Play",	    "Reproducir",
    "ÁíáìåôÜäïóç",  "AíáìåôÜäïóç",
    "Spela upp",    "Spela upp",
    "Redare",	    "Redare",
    "Lejátszani",   "Lejátszás",
    "Reproduir",    "Reproduir",
    "Start",	    "Start",
    "Start",	    "Start",
    "Afspil",	    "Afspil",

  { "Stop",	  { "Stop",
    "Ende",	    "Stop",
    "Konec",	    "Ustavi",
    "Fine",	    "Stop",
    "Einde",	    "Stop",
    "Fim",	    "Stop",
    "Fin",	    "Stop",
    "Slutt",	    "",// TODO
    "Lopetus",	    "Lopeta",
    "Koniec",	    "Stop",
    "Fin",	    "Parar",
    "ÔÝëïò",	    "TÝñìá",
    "Slutar",	    "Stoppa",
    "Sfârºit",	    "Stop",
    "Vége",	    "Stop",
    "Fi",	    "Aturar",
    "ºÞÝÕæ",	    "ÁâÞß",
    "Kraj",	    "Stop",
    "Stopp",	    "Stopp",
    "Stop",	    "Stop",

  { "Record",	  { "Record",
    "Aufnehmen",    "Aufnehmen",
    "Posnemi",	    "Snemaj",
    "Registra",	    "Registra",
    "Opnemen",	    "Opnemen",
    "Gravar",	    "",// TODO
    "Enregistre",   "Enregistrement",
    "Ta opp",	    "",// TODO
    "Tallenna",	    "Tallenna",
    "Nagrywac",	    "Nagrywac",
    "Grabar",	    "Grabar",
    "ÅããñáöÞ",	    "EããñáöÞ",
    "Inspelning",   "Spela in",
    "Înregistr.",   "Înregistrare",
    "Felvenni",	    "Felvenni",
    "Gravar",	    "Gravar",
    "·ÐßØáì",	    "·ÐßØáì",
    "Snimi",	    "Snimaj",
    "Salvesta",	    "Salvestamine",
    "Optag",	    "Optag",

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