[vdr] Building a streaming client

tony tony at tgds.net
Sat Nov 19 11:25:04 CET 2005

Le samedi 19 novembre 2005 à 09:56 +0000, Harald Milz a écrit :

> since my current living room machine is really too loud :-( I think
> about separating things and building a Xine plugin client based on a
> CN400 chipset (Via Epia SP8000 or Commell LV-667D/T Mini-ITX boards). I
> believe MPEG4 acceleration doesn't work yet with the Unichrome Pro, or
> does it (and there aren't any real HDTV broadcasts in DE yet, anyway,
> but just to invest in the right technology)?

Not yet it is underway the branch for Xvmc is www.openchrome.org all
your questions will be answered there.

>  I want to use DVI out to
> my HDTV capable LCD TV. Any positive or negative experience to share? 

If you want DVI out then you will need a graphics card the SP8000 does
not do that. So a full featured card will be your best bet.

> Dies
> XvmC work with the CN400 as it does with the CLE266? 



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