[vdr] How to display an OSD message from a thread?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Nov 19 13:37:21 CET 2005

Christian Wieninger wrote:
> On Saturday 19 November 2005 10:45, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>What's so important about your message that it can't wait?
> nothing ;-)
> In the next release of epgsearch one can trigger the search timer update also 
> manually. I would only like the give the user a feedback, when the update is 
> done. And I think it's much more comfortable to display this info when it 
> really has finished and not when the OSD is closed.

Is that OSD menu one from your own plugin?
In that case you could easily make the thread store it's
message somewhere, and have your menu display it in the next
call to its ProcessKey() function.


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