[vdr] How to display an OSD message from a thread?

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Sat Nov 19 16:28:54 CET 2005

Christian Wieninger wrote:
> I tried it with the new service interface. The thread calls a service of the 
> plugin passing the message. 

This doesn't switch the threads, so your service will be called from
inside your thread too. Calling one's own service interface has no
advantage over just calling any function directly.

> Is there any other way to display a message from a thread?

There is still the hard way to catch the display: Use
cRemote::CallPlugin() to call your own MainMenuAction and display the
message from there.
- Current OSD and menus will be closed in any case.
- Possible race conditions inside CallPlugin may cancel your
MainMenuAction call, this may be compensated by some timeout handling.



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