[vdr] streamdev-client and ttxtsubs

Lars Fredriksson lars at jpl.se
Sat Nov 19 20:52:58 CET 2005


I'm building myself a streaming client without any DVB-cards.
I have it up and running now and everything works except for teletext
subtitles - I have been searching a little, and I don't know what to
think, some places says it it shouldn't work, and on some places it
says it should.
In the HISTORY of streamdev-cvs it says something about a major rewrite and that VDR shouldn't be able to see any difference between a budget card and streamdev-client

Anyone that have a hint for me about what to do?

ttxtsubs-0.05 (with a some patches)
streamdev-cvs from today

Same on server.

When I'm running VDR on the client I get lots of this at the console:
--< SNIP >--
DEMUX DEVICE 1: : No such file or directory
ttxtsubs: Error: GetTtxtInfo failed
--< SNAP >--

Best regards, Lars Fredriksson

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