[vdr] Bug #10: Replay stops and TV channel changes

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Sun Nov 20 10:05:01 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Pasi Juppo wrote:
>> Bug:
>> VDR: Replay stops and TV channel changes
>> -occasionally at the beginning of the replaying of a recording VDR 
>> stops replaying and changes to first channel of the channel list 
>> (despite what channels was being viewed before replaying)
>> VDR seems to work OK otherwise.
> Are there any useful log messages when that happens?
> Can you reproduce this with "plain vanilla" VDR?

This problem seems to be gone with v1.3.35 also (was in 1.3.27).

Br, Pasi

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