[vdr] Re: cString operator= with same buffer

Holger Brunn holger.brunn at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Sun Nov 20 18:28:13 CET 2005

Jon Burgess on Sunday 20 November 2005 18:17:
> Doesn't this cause a memory leak? It'll strdup() the old string and then
> lose the old pointer to it. 

as far as I can see, there wouldn't be a mem leak - as both cStrings point to 
the same buffer, you only loose one of them. The one that was assigned from 
still has a pointer to the original buffer (and its destructor will free it).

>    if(s!=String.s) {
>      free(s);
>      s = String.s ? strdup(String.s) : NULL;
>    }
> or maybe something like:
> 	if (&String == this) return *this;

This is possibility 1) from my original posting I asked for arguments for. As 
stated there, I'd prefer making a new copy as I expect operator= to do so in 
every case.


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