[vdr] Re: cString operator= with same buffer

Sascha Volkenandt lists at magoa.net
Sun Nov 20 21:32:20 CET 2005

On Sunday 20 November 2005 13:18, Holger Brunn wrote:
> Adding the copy constructor fixes my problem by avoiding it.
> So I made two patches, both with the copy constructor, one also has a check
> for equal buffers in operator= and doesn't free them in this case.

Would you mind to explain how you get two strings pointing to the same buffer 
after the copy ctor is safe (makes a copy instead of taking the buffer)? IMHO 
the copy ctor already takes care that doesn't happen (except if you hand over 
the same buffer to two cStrings with TakePointer = true, which is IMHO not 


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