[vdr] receive data with low prio, so user-action can detach the receiver

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 12:03:29 CET 2005

By the way...
-how to realize that a receiver was detached?
-how to ask if ANY cDevice can ProvidesChannel?

I know if I create a receiver with prio -1 vdr can detach it if vdr 
needs the device.

My Problem is:
If I create a receiver with prio -1 then vdr can detach it. Thats OK. 
But if I want to know if a device can handle my new receiver(on an 
defined channel) then cDevice->ProvideChannel() show me allways that the 
first device can handle my receiver. Thats because my first receiver has 
prio -1.

If I create my receiver with prio 1 then cDevice->ProvideChannel() tells 
me that the device is used. Thats better but in this case vdr don't 
detach my receiver.

It would be nice if vdr can detach all receiver with prio <50.


Patrick(gmx) schrieb:

> Hello
> I still try to write a Plugin which a background receiving of data.
> For example I have 3 devices.
> I want the last device to receive data only from "Transponder A" with 
> "PID X". This should be a very high prio.
> The user should tune as he likes.
> Now I want to receive "Transponder B" with "PID Y", but with a low Prio.
> So the user don't observe it.
> The low prio receiver should be detached if a user need the device.
> The Problem is that the user action don't detach the receiver.
> How can I implement it?
> Patrick
> So I have written this code:


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