[vdr] receive data with low prio, so user-action can detach the receiver

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Mon Nov 21 12:08:53 CET 2005

Patrick Fischer wrote:
> By the way...
> -how to realize that a receiver was detached?
> -how to ask if ANY cDevice can ProvidesChannel?
> I know if I create a receiver with prio -1 vdr can detach it if vdr 
> needs the device.
> My Problem is:
> If I create a receiver with prio -1 then vdr can detach it. Thats OK. 
> But if I want to know if a device can handle my new receiver(on an 
> defined channel) then cDevice->ProvideChannel() show me allways that the 
> first device can handle my receiver. Thats because my first receiver has 
> prio -1.
> If I create my receiver with prio 1 then cDevice->ProvideChannel() tells 
> me that the device is used. Thats better but in this case vdr don't 
> detach my receiver.

Calling ProvidesChannel(-1) tells you whether the device can pricipally
provide this channel, no matter what receivers it currently has attached
to it. Why don't you just skip your first device if you already know
that you don't want to use that one?

> It would be nice if vdr can detach all receiver with prio <50.

What would that be good for?


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