[vdr] streamdev-client questions (was: streamdev-client and ttxtsubs)

Lars Fredriksson lars at jpl.se
Tue Nov 22 07:32:31 CET 2005


Ttxtsubs with the soppatykki patch works great, thanks!
I think it even saves the page for every channel individually, am I

But now I have som further questions that I would ebe really happy to
get some anwer on!

How do you out there that uses streamdev-client handles the video
I have been thinking of mounting the server video-directory to the
client also uing NFS - that shouldn't be any problem, or?
Because I'm not using the server to watch TV on and I don't have any
plugins that's the same on server and client I can't see any problem
(well, if the client and the server starts to record the same program at
excactly the same time I can think I get some trouble maybe).

And that's my second question - it isn't prossible that every recording
that the client starts in fact records on the server directly? Because
when I start a recording on the client I cant switch to any other
channel than the one I'm recording - I have free cards in the server.

Thanks for any answer, Lars Fredriksson

Thus spake Luca Olivetti (luca at ventoso.org):

> En/na Lars Fredriksson ha escrit:
> > Thus spake Luca Olivetti (luca at ventoso.org):
> > 
> > Okay, but I can get it working!
> > 
> > Where can I find the patch?
> http://users.tkk.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/vdr-ttxtsubs-0.0.5-soppatykki-edition.diff.gz
> Bye
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