[vdr] Problems using cMenuEditTimer in own plugin

Martin Prochnow martinprochnow at yahoo.de
Tue Nov 22 11:06:41 CET 2005

  i'm using the class cMenuEditTimer to set timer in my epg-plugin. My  problem is that i can't use the direction keys of the remote control to  select or edit the items within this class. The only thing that works  is 'Ok'. I can set a timer but i can't edit the given values.
  The order of the used classes is the same as in vdr:
  vdr: cMenuMain (cOsdMenu) -> cMenuWhatsOn (cOsdMenu) -> cMenuEvent (cOsdMenu) -> cMenuEditTimer (cOsdMenu)
  my plugin: cMenuMain (cOsdMenu) -> myMenuWhatsOn (cOsdMenu) -> myMenuEvent (cOsdMenu) -> cMenuEditTimer (cOsdMenu)
  The ProcessKey-methods of my classes are nearly the same as in vdr, only some more keys are processed.
  I'm a beginner in c++, i have my problems with the oop-concepts. It would be great if anybody can help me.
  P.S.: Sorry for my english.

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