[vdr] [PATCH] UnbufferedFile improvements v2

Artur Skawina art_k at o2.pl
Tue Nov 22 15:30:28 CET 2005

Philippe Gramoullé wrote:
> Oliver Endriss <o.endriss at gmx.de> wrote:
>   | Selecting the CFQ I/O scheduler in the kernel solved all problems
>   | for me. Did you try that?
> Since my VDR is in the living room, i recently switched to a 100% diskless solution
> and until now i was having regular freezes when recording a channel and playing back
> a divx at the same time.
> (system is linux based Debian Sid/PIII 1Ghz/VDR 1.3.36)
> I, indeed, forgot to add "elevator=cfq" in the boot parameters (which i use on about all my
> other workstations/server :), and up to now, it definitely improved things: No more
> regular freezes (about every 10/12 sec), at last with the few channels/divx combinations
> i know there used to be problems with.

if your VDR really is 100% diskless how can the IO scheduler (which controls 
access to block devices) make any difference?


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