[vdr] vdrconvert activate divx

Matthias Spiller himself at matthias-spiller.de
Tue Nov 22 17:46:29 CET 2005

Leo Márquez wrote:
> Well, I have adjusted my reccmds.conf to match your order. I have been
> installed vdrconvert without problems but it have not created a
> reccmds.conf. I have created one with the command I see in the doc
> (printf.....)

Forget the file in the doc dir. There is a reccmds generated in the dir
  where you executed install.sh. It is called VDRconvert-reccmds.conf.

Copy that to reccmds.conf in your vdr dir.

> What is the frameno.avi file?

The frameno.avi is a temporary outputfile generated by mencoder.


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