[vdr] CAM problems

Timo J. Rinne tri at iki.fi
Wed Nov 23 18:39:03 CET 2005

Heikki Manninen wrote:
 > Changing channels back and forth repeats the issue. This
 > happens in transfer mode (my primary card doesn't have a CAM). After
 > resetting the CAMs everything is normal for a couple of hours or so
 > (impossible to say). Also I've noticed that if I keep on watching the
 > channel the problem doesn't appear on the, let's say, active CAM.

I think too that the manifestation of this problem is somehow connected 
to transfer mode.  With earlier versions (1.3.19 and so) I had problems 
when I had my full card with CI tuned to non-scrambled channel and timer 
started to record scrambled channel and initiated transfer mode from 
budget card for live viewing.  I was able to circumvent these problems 
by forcing the transfer mode to be used always for live view.

Now I tried forcing the transfer mode and I practically always 
experienced the lost CAM problem when changing the channel.  It also 
always took more than half an hour for vdr to discover the cam when 
transfer mode was on.

Heikki, do you get any console messages when your CAM gets stuck and you 
change channel so that transfer mode is on?


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