[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] Nordlicht's EPG-Plugin 0.5

Martin Prochnow martinprochnow at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 24 21:12:50 CET 2005

I'm proud to announce version 0.5 of Nordlicht's

What is it?
This plugin provides an EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
similar to VDR's "What's on now?“-menu. Unlike this it
also shows channels without epg-infos.
You can browse the epg with an adjustable step width.
It is also possible to set a time at the setup to
which you can jump by keypress, with the keys 1-7 you
can jump 1-7 days forward. A bargraph at the "What's
on now?"-view shows the progress of the running
program. Timers are marked with a clock-icon,
recording timers with a 'REC'-icon. It is possible,
also for channels without epg-infos, to set timers.
At the setup you can select if channelgroupnames
and/or channelnumbers should be shown and if encrypted
channels should be hidden

Why this name?
Nordlicht (german for northern light) is my nickname
at vdr-portal.de. Because i had no idea for a proper
name i called it like this.

Homepage and Download:
http://martins-kabuff.de/nordlichtsepg.html (german)

Martin Prochnow


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