[vdr] weird epg in channel info

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Nov 27 10:20:06 CET 2005

This is just an example. Not really a big issue since I don't really use
vdr EPG, but strange anyway.

It's now 9:55, on Rai3
(RAI3;RAI:11766:vC23:S13.0E:27500:514:652=ita:578:0:3403:318:5200:0) the
current progtam is "Maratona di Firenze".

The channel info tells me

7:45 E' domenica papa'
8:45 Screensaver

OTOH the program guide (menu-1) tells me

7:45 E' domenica papa'
9:15 Maratona di Firenze
12:00 Tg3 -RaiSport notizie

Why the information in the channel info is different from the
information in the program guide? And why both show a program that
already ended as the current one?
As an added twist "lste" shows "Maratona di Firenze" as the first one.

The epg data has been loaded through SVDRP (using mhwepg), but that
shouldn't make a difference, should it?
The strange thing is that this only seems to apply to rai channels,
mediaset ones (canale 5, italia 1, that also get their data with mhwepg)
show the current program (maybe because these channel don't broadcast
epg data while the rai ones do?).

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