[vdr] Dummy DVB device...

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 10:37:31 CET 2005

This is probably an odd request but still!

Has anyone had a go at creating a plugin which provides a dummy DVB device? 
This may sound like a pointless idea but bear with me. I've just been setting 
up a slave vdr system for occasional use. With this, I'm nfs mounting 
the /video directory from my main vdr system, and its main use is for 
watching recordings whilst I'm upstairs on a TV with a nice interface, remote 
control, etc.

At the moment, I am using streamdev so that I don't get lots of "Channel not 
available" and "No DVB device" error messages popping up every few minutes! 
It would be much simpler to create a plugin which provides a dummy DVB device 
but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone else has already done this!

Not looked into this very deeply yet but would I need to create a fake DVB 
stream to send to vdr from the plugin or would it still keep on giving me the 
"Channel not available" messages?



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