[vdr] weird epg in channel info

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Nov 27 12:06:56 CET 2005

En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:
>> Maybe the "running status" isn't set correctly by these channels?
>> The channel display uses the "running status" flag to find out which
>> broadcast is currently running. Sometimes broadcasters don't update
>> this flag correctly, and then the channel display gets stuck.
>> If you bring up the Schedule page of that channel, is there a '*' at
>> the "E' domenica papa'" entry? If so, then the running status flag is
>> set to 'running' for that programme.
> Yes, there's an '*', so that's probably the case. How does the
> broadcaster identify the event? I mean, is it possible that there's a
> mismatch if the epg data is fed externally?
> I see that there's this message in syslog (right after starting vdr).
> channel 3 (RAI3) event 07:45 'E' domenica papa'' status 4
> Is there a way to disable the use of the running status flag and use
> just the start time?

One more thing: that explains why it shows an old program, but it
doesn't explain why I see a program in the channel info that it isn't
there in the program menu.
I just issued a CLRE to be sure that's just over the air data, and,
while the running status is clearly wrong, I see (e.g. now on rai 2)

on the channel info

10:05 Apri Rai
10:15 Domenica Disney

while on the program menu I only see:

10:05 * Apri Rai

(and neither is the current program).

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