[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] epgsearch-0.9.8b

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Tue Nov 29 08:33:16 CET 2005


there's a new release of the epgsearch plugin. A very big thanks to Mike 
Constabel for many hours of testing!


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.8b.tgz <http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.0.8.tgz>

2005-11-27: Version 0.9.8

ATTENTION: this version converts epgsearch.conf (the file that stores
  the searches) to a NEW FORMAT. A backup of the old file is stored as
  epgsearch.conf.bak. If you switch back to an older version you have
  to move the backup file back to epgsearch.conf.
- new feature 'avoid repeats' for search timers, aka 'done'
  feature (please read the README before using it!). A special thanks
  to Mike Constabel (vejoun at vdrportal) for many hours of testing and
  bug reports.
    * timer preview
    * recognition of broken recordings
    * fuzzy event comparision
- the menu of search results for a search timer with 'avoid repeats'
  has an additional mode for key 'blue' to preview the timers, that
  will be programmed with it.
- new setup option to display channels without EPG in 'What's on...',
  idea from 'Nordlicht's EPG plugin'
- new setup option to show channel separators in 'What's on...',
  idea from 'Nordlicht's EPG plugin'
- new feature 'Delete recordings after ... days'. This removes a
  recording automatically after the given days. It's a nice thing for
  e.g. news recordings (like Tagesschau), that are only interesting for
  a few days
- the timer summary now contains additional information about the
  event: event title, subtitle (if present) at the top, the name and
  ID of the search timer, that triggered the timer, and also the
  recording channel (after the real summary) at the bottom
- the summary of timers that are manually programmed now also contains
  info about title, subtitle (if present) and the recording channel
- 'Execute' in searches menu has been replaced with 'Actions' that
  list a menu consisting of
    * Execute search
    * Use as search timer on/off
    * Trigger search timer update
    * Show recordings done
  You can also use the short keys to trigger the corresponding action
  without opening this menu
- introduced a logfile (default file is
  plugin-configdir/epgsearch.log, but can be specified with
  commandline option '-l /path/to/logfile'. Commandline option '-v n'
  specifies the verbose level of the logfile. n=0 means no logging,
  allowed values are n=0(default),1(standard),2(extended),3(for
- setup has now a default recording directory entry, that is used in
  manual timer programming. It supports also entries like
  '%Category%~%Genre%'. The directory gets automatically replaced with
  the values of the event (but only if all variables were replaced).
- depending on the calling menu the event menu (summary) now labels
  the buttons green/yellow with the previous/next channel or the start
  of the previous/next event, suggested by Andreas Brugger
- the channel number is now also listed in menu 'search results', if
  the setup option 'show channel numbers' is set, suggested by Gerhard
- short keys (1,2,...) to EPG commands are now also availabe in the
  EPG summary menu, suggested by Frank Krömmelbein
- if VDR version >= 1.3.31 then setup has now an option to choose
  between epgsearch's timer edit menu and VDR's built-in menu (useful
  when using a patched VDR timer edit menu, suggested by Frank
- if a subtitle is present the menu for manual timer programming now
  always adds the subtitle to the timer file as default, suggested by
  Gerhard Steiner 
- optimized the splitting of the directory and file entry when
  re-editing a timer in manual programming, thanks to Andreas Brugger
- the EPG menus now always display a subtitle in the form 'title ~
  subtitle' if present
- new service 'Epgsearch-updatesearchtimers-v1.0' to trigger a search
  timer update
- if a search timer update is triggered from the actions menu then an
  osd message is displayed when it has finished (also when using the
  service 'Epgsearch-updatesearchtimers-v1.0' optional)        
- the menu of search timers now displays the number of (active)
  searchtimers in its title
- now checking if manual timer programming has failed and display an osd
  message in that case (needs vdr >= 1.3.30 to work)
- thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for updating the finnish translation
- thanks to Mike Constabel for corrections in READMEs and MANUAL
- epgsearch now exits to main menu when not called directly via a
  short key, thanks to Andreas Brugger
- fixed editing menu search term in english translation
- fixed sorting search timer list after editing a search timer, thanks
  to Mike Constabel
- fixed menu navigation with respect to empty schedules, thanks to
  Darren Salt for his patch
- fixed misaligned search entries in searches menu, thanks to Andreas



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