[vdr] Error in cPalette::Take (osd.c) ?

Eike Edener eike at edener.de
Wed Nov 30 23:25:17 CET 2005


I'm currently writing my own plugin (VDR 1.3.37) using
  - cBitmap::LoadXpm() to load a bitmap and
  - cOsd::DrawBitmap() to draw it with changed background color
    (NOT changed foreground color).

Because I neither want to change the foreground color nor
know the foreground color value (tColor), I think it is good to
change this part in cPalette::Take() (osd.c line 77-82):

       if (ColorFg || ColorBg) {
          switch (i) {
            case 0: Color = ColorBg; break;
            case 1: Color = ColorFg; break;


if (i == 0 && ColorBg) Color = ColorBg;
if (i == 1 && ColorFg) Color = ColorFg;


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