[vdr] Feature request - 1.5x playback with sound

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Mon Oct 3 10:18:06 CEST 2005


Marko Mäkelä wrote:

>>>>Well I was just watching a DVD with PowerDVD windows player and it has
>>>>the ability to play back with 1.5x and 2.0x speeds with sound. Without
>>>>changing the pitch. And that has to be done with software since I have
>>>>no kind of hardware to do that. I know that mplayer can play with many
>>>>speeds with sound but the pitch changes also.
>>>I think this would be very nice thing to be done.
>>>Mythtv supports this and it was really nice to 'speedwatch' a program 
>>>while it had already recorded some minutes and when one caught the 
>>>realtime transmission, it switched to normal speed.
>>>Configurable time-skips with different buttons would be nice thing too :)
>>Is this really the case that only the two of us are interested in this cind 
>>of functionality? 
> Me too, although I would be happy even if the pitch changed.
> But is this something that can be done entirely on the VDR side?  I would
> tend to believe that the decoder needs to be modified as well.  In other
> words, it could be made to work on softdevice and the like, but not on
> (m)any full-featured tuner cards.

Users of vdr-xine my want to try xine's stretch audio plugin. Just add

	--post stretch:factor=0.6667

to xine's command line for 1.5x speed. But maybe it's a better idea to 
add it via xine's audio post processing dialog just when watching a 
recording, as it doesn't work well when watching live TV. The satellite 
won't speed up to broadcast at 1.5x ;-)

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