[vdr] mp3 plugin : image corruption

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Oct 4 13:07:07 CEST 2005


Simon Baxter wrote:

>>I'm running VDR-1.3.33, vdr-xine-0.7.6 and vdr-mp3-0.9.13 (the latter 
>>with no source changes) and cannot reproduce your behaviour, at least 
>>not with just two sample images for two sample mp3 files.
> I'm just trying to replicate your setup now.  But the 0.7.6 vdr-xine
> won't compile, so am trying to get a new xine CVS to patch and complile,

 From the error messages I'd conclude that you didn't patch (compile and 
install) your xine with the patches contained in vdr-xine-0.7.6.

> but the xine-ui won't checkout..?
> I'm getting "cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult
> above messages if any)"
> xine-lib checked out fine.

Well, this depends on the load at sourceforge.net. Just give it a 
further try some time later.

As there have been many changes in xine CVS I'm not sure whether my 
patches can be applied without failure. I still use the (most recent) 
snapshot available on my homepage.

>>Maybe it has something to do with xine: how do run xine?
> I use sessions in gnome to automatically run the attached script.
> Nothing clever...

Well, as your command line doesn't specify any output drivers (-V / -A) 
I cannot verify this on my system. You may want to send me your 

In my test from yesterday I ran xine like this:

xine --verbose=2 -V xv -A alsa -L 
--post vdr_video --post vdr_audio vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes

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