[vdr] Wanted: Filesize of recordings available in skins

Christoph Haubrich christoph1.haubrich at arcor.de
Tue Oct 4 19:26:58 CEST 2005

Am Do, 2005-09-29 um 19.36 schrieb Christoph Hermanns:

> 1. Is this size information already available for a plugin ?
>     If not, i would highly welcome that this size information	
>     can be accessed from a plugin.


some days ago I wrote some lines to display the size of a recording. It
requires Rolf Ahrenberg's enAIO-2.6-Patch (actually the rename-patch
which is included in enAIO but I didn't try that) and I tested it with
vdr 1.3.32 and 1.3.34. 
It displays an additional line in the rename menu with the size in human
readable format (that is "GB" in most cases). 

@Rolf: would you like to include it in your enAIO-Patch?

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