Re: [vdr] "ERROR: unexpected tag while reading EPG data: ....." caused by bug in epg.c?

Mike Koch CatweazleG at
Wed Oct 5 11:56:00 CEST 2005

> > Oct  4 23:09:43 vdr vdr[3846]: ERROR: unexpected tag while reading EPG 
> > data: USA 2003
> > 
> > Where does it read the EPG data from (remember: there is no 
> > /video/ file)?
> Well, apparently it doesn't actively read an file,
> otherwise your log would list a line like
> Oct  4 18:00:13 video vdr[29192]: reading EPG data from /video/
> > Why does it complain about something that looks like
> > the production date of a movie?
> I guess it's some broken info.vdr file.
> The function that reads that data is exactly the same as is used
> for reading the EPG data, hence the EPG related message.

I had exactly the same problem.
not the info.vdr was the cause, but a old summary.vdr,
which I forgot to delete after converting to the new format.

The problem disapered after deleting all summary.vdr files.

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