[vdr] lagged responce on Nexus 2.2

Vladimir Shved vshved at logistic-systems.com
Wed Oct 5 19:50:58 CEST 2005

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> I think it would be worth noting which processes are high in the 'top'
> list, is it VDR?
> I've seen VDR occasionally switch the system time backwards and forwards
> repeatadly which can upset some of VDR's internal time() based loops
> causing spikes of CPU usage. Are there any messages like these in
> /var/log/messages?

Thank you for pointing those out, I've checked my system and ruled out all
your mentioned causes. The vdr is on top all the time, top shows 0-0.5% cpu
utilization, even when I do 2-3 recordings at the same time. I've disabled
time setting in VDR from sat stream, the system is set to sync time using
ntp. So those are not the problems here.

I'm trying to figure out why starting recording on budget card would fix
this lagged behavior on FF card. Its like something flushes/clears the data
pipe to FF card when I start recording on budget card, the FF card starts to
respond very fast and without pauses. I guess the issue is specific to my
setup only, possibly an issue with PCI bus transfers. I'm going to try to
move my FF card to another system and see how it behaves there.

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