[vdr] Allocating Channels to Specific Devices

Herbert Poetzl herbert at 13thfloor.at
Thu Oct 6 20:46:41 CEST 2005

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 09:25:26PM +0200, syrius.ml at no-log.org wrote:
> Morfsta <morfsta at irmplc.com> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Could anyone tell me if its possible to allocate channels to be played 
> > only through specific DVB devices
> >
> > This would be useful in my system as I have a TT Premium DVB-S and a 
> > Skystar 2. The TT premium obviously can't handle HDTV so when I select a 
> > HDTV channel I would prefer it only to be handled by the Skystar card and 
> > not the TT premium.
> >
> > Its rather like the 'sourcecaps' patch but channel based rather than
> > satellite based.
> You can use the CA field in channels.conf to select the device
> required to "display" the channel. (as explained in 'man 5 vdr')

except for the fact that the CA information 0x0001-0x000f
(which I think you are referring to) seems not to be honored
neither for input nor for output (vdr 1.3.34) ...

btw, I have a similar issue regarding both, source and 
output display ...

cosider a setup with two cards, one FF one budget
the FF connected to LNB A (Astra) the budget connected
to a diseqc switch (LNB A/LNB B, Astra/Hotbird)

 I'd like to view a channel on Hotbird .. but this
 seems not possible (black screen at best)
 recording is fine, if the budget card is selected
 as second card (preferred for recording)

slighly different setup, diseqc switch on FF, single
LNB A on budget

 viewing a Hotbird channel works like a charm, but
 recording breaks, as the recording is moved to
 the budget card, which can not receive Hotbird

adding CA entries seems not to change anything, I assumed
that adding a 1 there will 'lock' the channel to the first
card, but it seems to have no effect at all ...

thanks for any clarifications!

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