[vdr] Different languaghes on right/left channel

anders at sandell.net anders at sandell.net
Fri Oct 7 21:32:09 CEST 2005

Quoting Antti Hartikainen <ami+vdr at ah.fi>:

>> To clarify:
>> After looking closer at the audio-menu:
>> On Eurosport there are two audio PID's "sve" which has swedish on the left
>> channel and danish on the right and "nor" which has finnish on the 
>> left channel
>> and norwegian on the right channel. I have chosen Swedish as my preferred
>> languaghe and VDR correctly select the audio PID labeled as "sve". 
>> That PID has
>> two langughes, and i have to select right or left channel in the VDR 
>> audio menu
>> to avoid audio in swedish AND norwegian at the same time.
>> My problem is that VDR does not seem to save my choice which means 
>> that i have
>> to go into the audio menu and select left channel everytime i want to see
>> Eurosport. The same applies to Nickelodeon.
> Whats your vdr version?
>> From 1.3.32 changelog:
> - Changed the audio PID language codes to hold up to two 3 letter 
> codes, separated
>   by '+', to store separate languages broadcast in two channel audio mode.
> Works fine for me at Eurosport from 1W (chooses finnish audio as it 
> is preferred).

I am running 1.3.23 here, guess I have to upgrade then ....

I completely missed that changelog, sorry.

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