[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-softdevice-0.2.0

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sat Oct 8 15:27:12 CEST 2005


softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
is pleased to announce a new release of vdr softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

Special in this release (from README):
- AC3 pass through:
  For using AC3 pass through, you have to specify the IEC958 device name of
  your sound card. Which device to use, can be checked with ac3play.
  For my system, ac3play works with: "ac3play -C -D 0,1 AC3_FILE_NAME"
  So my vdr call with parameter list for softdevice looks like:
  -P "softdevice -ao alsa:pcm=default#ac3=hw:0,1# -vo dfb:mgatv"
  Notice the trailing '#' of the last alsa subparameter.
  AC3 pass through is mainly based on the code of ac3play-0.5.2f, so
  many thanks to the authors of that program.

- configure script
  By default you should "cd" to softdevice directory and run "./configure" .
  This will generate config.h and config.mak files, which will guide make.
  Available parameters of configure are listed by "./configure --help" .
  To get rid of these generated files a "make dist-clean" should be done.
  Without running configure, you'll have to modify the Makefile to your needs.

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

Changelog since last release:
2005-10-08: softdevice-0.2.0
    - dfb+vidix: fix colored shadow bug for some crop modes
    - configure: fix VIDIX_DIR path
    - configure: check if X11 is present
    - audio: AC3 pass through
    - Makefile: compatibility for build without configure
    - subplugin targets: changed prefix from libvdr to libsubvdr. so it doesn't
      interfere with vdr's "load all plugins" for plain help command.
    - configure: check if vidix compiles, optionally disable fb-out via
                 command line "--disable-fb" and/or subplugins via "--disable-subplugins"
    - introduce audio debug
    - return 0 in GetDelay if pcm is not running
    - modified previous OSD redraw handling (timed redraw after _all_ OSD bitmaps
      have been drawn)
    - video-dfb: keyrepeat handling + configure check for DIET_REPEAT
    - fix for segfaults with some OSD activity
    - introduced configure script: try ./configure --help
    - video-out (all methods): fix for missing actions upon aspect ratio change
    - audio-out: fix potentially div by zero.

Stefan Lucke

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