[vdr] Display problem with graphlcd-0.1.2 and MP3-plugin

Wolfgang Fritz wolfgang.fritz at gmx.net
Sat Oct 8 17:49:08 CEST 2005


I am using graphlcd-0.1.2 with a 64x128 ks0108 display on a Suse 9.3
based VDR system with kernel

If I play MP3s with the MP3 plugin, I get a display problem when using a
"loop mode":

Exactly the left half of the display stays black. The right half is
displayed and even updated correctly.

What I have found:

1. If the problem has occured in the MP3 plugin, all other VDR displays
are disturbed afterwards, not only the MP3 plugin's display.

2. Deactivating and reactivating the graphlcd plugin does not help.

3. Restarting VDR helps.

4. The problem has nothing to do with the loopmode per se, but the
number of additional characters displayed in this situation.

The offending display line looks like this:

Musik : [LS] xx:yy            08:30
        ^^^^ loop mode

if I modify the graphlcd code and force the loopmode string to a fixed
value, the display is correct up to a string length of 2.

Musik : 12 xx:yy      OK
Musik : 123 xx:yy     Not OK.

5. This one is interesting:
If I display a fullscreen picture with showpic from the command line
while vdr is playing an MP3, this picture is displayed correctly until
the next MP3 display update. And even the MP3 display is correct until
the next change of the progress bar (!).

I'll debug this further, but maybe someone can get some idea from my
observations what is going wrong here and give me some help.


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