[vdr] Thread priority of cutting thread in vdr

peter.dittmann at freenet.de peter.dittmann at freenet.de
Sat Oct 8 19:02:43 CEST 2005

'm also using older PC types (PIII) and the cpu load of the cutting thread 
is seriously hampering the resposiveness of vdr.

Is there a way to lower the priority of the thread for cutting ?

I know there are some patches around (cutter-queue; bandwith),
but both seems not to address it on the thread priority.

Wouldn't it being a real solution to make the cutter a background task on nice
level ?
I've tried to understand how vdr sets the thread priority but I got lost.
Can somebody shed some light on the was the thrad priorities are assigned and
wether it woul be possible to place a single thread at nice level while vdr
still uses normal sheduling.

kind regards  Peter

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