[vdr] ANNOUNCE: Muggle 0.1.9

Lars von Wedel vonwedel at web.de
Wed Oct 12 09:06:11 CEST 2005

Dear all,

for a long time, we have not announce Muggle (short for Media Juggle) 
releases on the mailing list, probably because there was not much 
feedback here as compared to vdrportal.de.

Muggle is a database-driven music browser and replay plugin. You can 
define playlists via the OSD by browsing available tracks structured to 
your taste. Muggle permits not only browsing directory hierarchies, but 
you can assemble hierarchies from various categories online using the 
OSD. Basic hierarchies that are defined by default are e.g. 
Artist/Album/Track  or Album/Track, but you can easily define your own 
browsing schemes like Genre/Artist/Track or Decade/Genre/Track or 
whatever you like.

The underlying database is compatible with a project called GiantDisc 
(http://www.giantdisc.org) so you can make use of the database contents 
also from other places (Linux, Palm remote control, Web interface).

Since a lot has been changed since our first releases, I'd like to 
announce the most recent beta release 0.1.9 here again. I cannot list 
all minor changes, but the most noteable features our first releases are

- Progress display via graphlcd plugin
- Improved display while replaying a lot (list of tracks, track details, 
progress display)
- Import simplified and speeded up a lot,  can now be started via OSD
- Decoder for FLAC files (in addition to mp3, wav, ogg/vorbis)
- Export of m3u playlists and execution of commands on them (e.g. burn  
to CD or copy to MP3-stick)
- Database interfaces for mySQL (inclugin embedded variant), SQlite, 
- Incremental search in the OSD (as knwon from emacs)
- Display cover images from ID3v2 tags or the song directory
- Enable arbitrary image display via Service interface. A patch is 
included to permit the
  image plugin to display images via muggle along with music playback.
- Lots of bugfixes

The most recent archive is available for download at


Many thanks go to Wolfgang Rohdewald (for a lot of the database work), 
all users for testing and reporting possible improvements (and 
problems), and all translators, all ...

Wolfgang and Lars,
Muggle Authors

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