[vdr] mp3 plugin : image corruption]

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Thu Oct 13 00:06:33 CEST 2005


Simon Baxter wrote:

>>>Can you provide me a couple of your mpeg files?
> Please find attached.
> They display fine with 'xine -l <file>'.  Any help greatly appreciated!

I forgot to ask for the layout of your mp3 archive.

In my case I have a single directory (/data/mp3) with a couple of mp3 
files in it. For the first two subsequent mp3 files I've put a 
identically named (besides the extension) jpeg file.

In a previous test, the mp3 plugin created a mpeg file of the jpeg and 
cached it. I now have replaced those two mpeg files with the 
cover.jpg.mpg and cover2.jpg.mpg and the mp3 plugin was now showing the 
content of your files without any problem.

Below you'll find output of VDR on console. Do you also see the 
StillPicture line?

mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1540
mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1541
mad: lost sync 43474154 6e697972 TAGCryin
mad: skipping over ID3 tag
mp3: eof or error
mp3: stopping play
mp3: scale stats clipped=0 peak_clip=0.000000 peak=0.985417
norm: stats tot=23334912 lim=9761/0.042% clip=177/0.001% peak=1.253
mgr: next -> 1
mp3: playing next
mp3: starting play
mgr: playing a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
mp3: found song level=0.332000 peak=1.106800
norm: gain=0.753012 dogain=1 dolimit=0 (target=0.250000 level=0.332000 
mp3: isStream=0 levelgood=1 haslevel=1
image: checking image for a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
image: check /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
image: found
image: loading image /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
image: cached
StillPicture: 0x86444d8, 16081
mp3-ctrl: mode change detected
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1543
mp3: write delayed 2540 ms
mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1544
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=1545

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