[vdr] A new generation of DVB devices

tony tony at tgds.net
Thu Oct 13 08:16:03 CEST 2005

Le jeudi 13 octobre 2005 à 07:53 +0200, Stefan Taferner a écrit :

> > I'am almost certain, that no matter how much cpu power you have, there will
> > always be audio/video glitches with software decoding under certain
> > circumstances - high i/o-load, other processes running etc.
> > (a friend of mine has such a ultra-mega-high-end-system running XP but
> > didn't hear and bought just a budget card - he must run the system
> > completly unloaded to be able to watch TV, otherwise all sorts of glitches
> > apear)
> Windows' scheduling is not the best....
> I have an Athlon-64 3200+ here and can watch normal tv while the system is
> completely loaded (playing my favorite online game) without problems. Under 
> Linux, and the tv window is 300x200 small in this case. With a budget card of 
> course (this is my test setup).
> But I agree, I would not recommend a budget-only solution for a "production" 
> system.

Then again you could put your budget card in a hush (or if you live in
France in one of my Epia-M machines) and you can watch TV, record
several others on the same transponder _AND_ have spamassassin filter
your incoming mail without a dropped frame... Spamassassin without HW
acceleration on the Epia will use all CPU cycles and cause dropped
frames - I have tried. So yes, a budget card can be a production system,
in the right MB.

[off topic]: the new iMac really needs VDR and a "watch TV" button in
Front Row...

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