[vdr] A new generation of DVB devices

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Thu Oct 13 10:17:18 CEST 2005

> To be honest: If you look at latest (flat-)TV sets and their way to
> deinterlace and scale the picture, I would prefer to get this done by
> software e.g. by using spline resize algorithms (see e.g.
> http://audio.rightmark.org/lukin/graphics/resampling.htm) and advanced
> deinterlacing options (see e.g.
> http://home.knuut.de/MWieser_/vf_raw_ntv_8) known from xine and mplayer.

Deinterlacing & scaling is much more than just "comb-effect defiltering". Additional crispness filtering needs to be applied. So far all software
DVD players has failed on this. (Windows side)

For more info see: www.hqv.com (Hollywood Quality Video)

Benchmarking: http://www.hqv.com/benchmark.cfm
- See difference of good and bad ones
- My LCD TV's Faroudja beat all SW decoders on picture detail keeping
	- Yamaha cheap DVD player with scart & rgb
	- computer with monitor

Of course you can ignore my comment because I haven't tested Mplayer as well as "MWieser", it is possible that Mplayer deinterlace with denoise etc. is
better than Windows side (VLC, WinDVD, Nvidia purevideo decoders).

> Unfortunately, those algorithms need processing power, processing power
> is expensive, and this will make this hardware really expensive.

And more noisier! (Or without noise even more expensive :)


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