[vdr] A new generation of DVB devices

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Thu Oct 13 11:03:01 CEST 2005

tony a écrit :
> Then again you could put your budget card in a hush (or if you live in
> France in one of my Epia-M machines) and you can watch TV, record
> several others on the same transponder _AND_ have spamassassin filter
> your incoming mail without a dropped frame... Spamassassin without HW
> acceleration on the Epia will use all CPU cycles and cause dropped
> frames - I have tried. So yes, a budget card can be a production system,
> in the right MB.

One doesn't really need SpamAssassin or an online game running on the TV
tuner in the living-room.
VDR is really a set-to-box software, ie. a one-box = one-task solution.
SpamAssassin should run on the Internet gateway, and the games are best
played on a monitor + keyboard + joystick than on a remote-only computer.
So yes, a budget card can be a production system right now, even without
hardware acceleration, with the right software setup...


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