[vdr] pvr350 plugin : unable to switch audio pids

Erwan Dewel edewel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 09:48:57 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I am experiencing 2 little problems with the pvr350 (0.0.4pre1) plugin. 
When I switch to a channel with 2 audio pids  only the first one is
working. Soon as I switch to another pid the sound disappear and only
comme back when I switch back to the first pid.
I think that is an issue with the plugin because I have tried softdevice
before and the audio pid switching was working as expected.

So I gave a look through the code and I noticed that the function 
'virtual void SetAudioTrack(eTrackType Type, const tTrackId *TrackId)'
is not implemented. Can this be related ?
As far as I understand this is not needed because the plugin is
implemented as a device and not as a player, but I have to admit that I
am a little confuse about vdr internal.

I think that my second problem is not vdr related but I am always asking
in case somebody have seen this before. 
The quality of the sound when watching channels that provides 128 kbits
audio stream is really poor. It sounds like there is too much treble or
that the volume is too high for the amplifier. The strange thing is that
it only happen with 128 kbps channels, not with 64 or 192 kbps audio
My guess is that the ivtv driver is responsible of this behaviour but I
have seen no mention of this problem on the ivtv's mailing list.

Besides this 2 annoyances, this plugin is really great. The quality of
the tv-out is far superior from my nvidia-based graphic card, and the
decoding is really smooth compared with my softdevice setup.

I have been investigating for a few weeks without any progress, so any
hint is welcome.

Kind regards,

Erwan Dewel

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