[vdr] Thread priority of cutting thread in vdr

christian jacobsen Christian.Jacobsen at stage-entertainment.de
Fri Oct 14 15:26:55 CEST 2005


> > Concurrent cutting threads would decrease the cutting 
> performance. A 
> > queue for cutting would be more helpful like in this patch:
> > http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Cutterqueue-patch

The CutterQueue would indeed be nice :)

>  From the user's standpoint the important points are:
> I would like to cut many recordings, I do not want to wait for
> the current cutting to complete before I can start the next one
> and I would not like the current cutting to slow down my work
> on the next one or any other interactive use of VDR.
> I suppose petri's patches support this very well.
> Has anyone tried them in the latest VDR?

The CutterBandwithLimit.patch from the CutterQueue author helps lowering
the used bandwith and is configurable. 

You could try my AutoCutter scripts - they use a Queue for Cutting.
Please also take a look at the last post with a CutterBandwithLimit
patch for vdrcutter2 ;)


German site, but README in Englisch.

By the way it also includes a Queue for Sharemarks. A way to share
Cuttingmarks - making the cutting work easier for all of us :)

Christian Jacobsen

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