[vdr] diseqc.conf for 4x1 switch

Fredrik Svensson fred at ludd.ltu.se
Sat Oct 15 22:32:34 CEST 2005


I have a Wavefrontier 55 with four heads. I cover 1W, S5E,
S13E and S19.2E.

Scanning the channels with the scan tool worked well.
I used the scan -s switch 0-3 to cover all heads.
(scan included in the Debian dvb-utils package)

I collected 2717 channels or something from all 4 heads
cating the results into VDR channels.conf

I now try to configure the diseqc.conf in VDR.

I found an example in an old mail from the maillist.

With these settings I can get the channels from the 1W head,
but when I pick a channel from S5E I get No signal.

Do anyone have a similar setup and can give me a hint how to
configure my diseqc.conf ? or can it be another problem ?

I have tested S5E separatly (bypassing the switch) and
that works.

Wavefrontier 55
4 Maximum Universal 0,3 dB Single Platinum LNB (model no MAXIMUM SF-10
1 Maximum 4x1 switch DiSEqC 1.0
1 Hauppauge Nova-S DVB budget card
1 AMD 1.4 Mhz / 512 Mb RAM
1 Gainward VIVO - GeForce2 MX/MX 400
Debian Sid
VDR 1.3.27-1 will be upgraded to 1.3.31-2 when I have time :)
xine plugin to put the picture on TV or the screen.. :)



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