[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] beep-0.0.4

Andreas Brachold ml05 at deltab.de
Sun Oct 16 21:14:34 CEST 2005

Hi there,

here are update of my little plugin "beep".

Changes :

- Redesign core - beep function to run as non-root environment
- Add -D_GNU_SOURCE (avoid building problems on woody/linvdr, reported
by Markus Kahle)
- Use threadsafe functions
- Add -fPIC to CXXFLAGS (suggest by Thomas Schmidt)

What is it :  

This little Plugin notify with a beep over the internal mainboard
speaker, to selected VDR events.

Current follow messages give a beep as acoustic feedback

*) Press any key to cancel shutdown
*) Editing process finished
*) Editing process failed!


Andreas Brachold

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