[vdr] Remote Plugin

Jörg Schneide jschneide at arcor.de
Sun Oct 16 22:06:32 CEST 2005

Hello Oliver,

at first: Thank you for your plugin.

Oliver Endriss wrote:

> debug=16 is correct for all recent dvb-kernel drivers.

I don't know the exact version, maybe the driver is not so recent.
The only version strings I found in the log:
Oct 16 13:58:12 (none) user.warn kernel: saa7146_vv: saa7146 (0): registered device video0 [v4l2]
Oct 16 13:58:13 (none) user.info kernel: bttv: driver version 0.9.15 loaded

The file dvb-ttpci.ko (comes with a precompiled addon in *.tgz) has the date 06.10.2004,
so I think its rather old.

> With kernel 2.6.x you can simply type
> 	echo 16 > /sys/module/dvb_ttpci/parameters/debug

Oct 16 13:58:12 (none) user.warn kernel: Linux version 2.6.8-24-default (geeko at buildhost) (gcc version 3.3.4 (pre 3.3.5 20040809)) #1 Wed Oct 6 09:16:23 UTC 2004

So it should work, but it doesn't.

>>I found out -more by accident- that the parameter debug_ir=16 

> Wrong, this never worked. Older drivers used av7110_ir_debug=1.

The older driver worked with av7110_ir_debug=1, the driver that comes with the mini distri I use did not.
It also works not with debug=16, it works exactly with debug_ir=16 as parameter and with
echo 16 > /sys/module/dvb_ttpci/debug_ir
The fact that /sys/module/dvb_ttpci/debug_ir exists brought me to the idea to try the above line
and suddenly it worked. Believe me.
/sys/module/dvb_ttpci/debug also exists but I can write what I want to it there seems to be no effect.
Maybe there are some patches applied to the driver, but I don't believe they are related to the
IR remote stuff. As far as I know from the forum of the distribution I use, I am the only one who has
problems with the IR-interface (or better: with my remotes), and I never asked the maintainer to apply a patch.

But when you know that debug_ir never worked, you probably know where debug=16 is documented,
do you have a link?
And what I would like to know abaout this line in the remote.conf:
remote-event0._Setup     /proc/av7110_ir 00000000 18
I think the last parameter is the RC5 adress, but what does the one before (besides the one bit for inversion)?


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